Vertical Garden in Contemporary High Density Urban City

Location: Hong Kong, China
Team Members: Pouya Goshayeshi, Joanna Lam

This pavilion is trying to create a connection between high density tall urban city and vertical gardens by celebrating green architecture.

The public opinion on high density urban city is wrongly related to lack of green spaces. Public believe good living environment is outside of dense urban city where this utopia reside in country side. It’s been over two decades that contemporary vertical gardens show its face in exterior and interior of the buildings using felt system, panelized living wall, or module living pods. These living green system raised questions what is the bio-diversity effect on human health in different ways. The studies show not only they have a positive effect on replenishing oxygen; also the green wall reduce urban heat island effect, provide better wall isolation that reduce energy consumption, and have positive psychological effect on people. This pavilion wants to shift public opinion and embed a new idea where community should take initiatives to create green space in our vertical urban city and open up a discussion about the effect of vertical garden in everyone life.