Offering Variety of Project Delivery

Services Tailored to Your Needs

In order to work with my clients with different needs, I am offering variety project delivery including traditional design-bid-build (DBB), construction manager as advisor (CMA), construction manager as a contractor (CMC), to design-build (DB), or integrated project delivery methods (IDP). Each one of these method has specific advantage over the other method or is subordinate to other based on my clients needs.

The design-bid-build is the most famous and oldest project delivery method that has been used in architecture industry. It simple structure allow the design work to be completed first, bid for pricing afterward, and then select contractor based on lowest or best-value proposal. Some clients prefer this method because of its define stages of work, but some client that wants to get initial pricing are more comfortable with CMA or CMC project delivery but of course there are additional pricing for bringing construction manger onboard.

One of the main advantages of CMA and CMC, is they speed up the whole process by overlapping design and construction stages. For example when the design of the foundation is done, the construction of foundation could start and architect would move to developing other parts of the building. There are of course some challenges for getting early plan check/building permit, and locking on main design decision early on.

Another problem with DBB, CMA, and CMC is that they all need active participation of client to accept each stage of project, and some client prefer to leave design decision making to professional and only have specific needs and budget define at the beginning of project where design-build comes into play.

Design-build delivery also eliminates spearin-gap risk (the risk that client carry out), but change the architect and client relationship from architect being client “agent” in construction to architect-builder building home for client.

I use AIA contract documents that is edited by industry professionals in different side of  industry including architects and builders; and it is widely known by all team members including engineers and contractors. One of the advantages of AIA contract documents, it comes in series that interconnect architects responsibilities to engineers to contractors. Of course it also reduce time and cost of getting a lawyer and spending time to write a whole set of new contracts. This way it create trust between team members and everyone knows their rights and responsibilities, and ultimately reduce price of consultants and contractors.

Part of the AIA contract document is designation of “standard services” and “additional services”. I would always provide “standard services” as part of any projects and ask client to consider any additional services based on the project or her/his needs.

My Available Services

A Little Something for Everyone

I offer a wide variety of architectural services to meet your needs. Below is only small portion of services I provide.

Site Evaluation and Planning

Preparing Drawings for Plan Check


Architecture Interior Design

Plans for Entitlement

Post Occupancy Evaluation