Lamborghini Road Monument

Italy, Sant’ Agata Bolognese
Team Members: Pouya Goshayeshi, Seregin Dmitry

The philosophy of performance and fluent design of Lamborghini model become an essence of this design where form finding is based on forces to increase the surface performance. The frame work is defined by series of ring in one of the installation and in other one with a continuous self-intersecting ring. The form finding was based on series of simulation where stability is the main concern. In the simulation, the surfaces are connected to the rings in different locations, and put under tensile spring engine in Catia model. After several simulation and continuous observation, the surface with the best performance was the one where at each given point on the surfaces there are two difference forces in opposite direction that cancel each other. In other word, the minimal surface stretched between the rings create most stable and strongest surface with best performance compare to other type of surfaces.

The design surfaces curvature was ideal to create a fluent design that wrap around continuous rings. In one installation, the surface is a family of Riemann minimal surfaces, in the other one is family of Mobius surface. To emphasis on the simulation frame work (boundary of forces), linear LED light is integrated into ring pipe structure. When the cars are in the motion around the roundabout, they will feel the continuity and linearity of the design.

The surfaces finishes are recyclable high-tenacity polyester that is produced in factories such as TENARA® and Spectra®. The carbon footprint of the transportation will be low because of using light weight material that can be easily fit into small containers. The installation life-cycle carbon footprint will be low because of lightweight transportation, easy installation with minimal force and people, occasional maintenance, and recyclable disposal for installation. As a result, this design reach desire performance, fluidity, and high sustainability criteria set by our design team.